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"As you have requested I am forwarding a brief summary of my understanding of the event on September 18th, 2013.  The alarm was triggered in the evening and your monitoring people as instructed called our watchman Mr. Dave Dunn.  Mr. Dunn went to the house and determined that a break-in was in progress, he shouted at the thieves who abandoned  their loot and fled.  Mr. Dunn called the RCMP who quickly attended and with dogs pursued the criminals across a marsh and a muddy field ultimately capturing (and rescuing) them as they attempted to swim across the Sumas River.  It is my understanding that they were juveniles so prosecution is likely to be lenient.  In effect everything played out exactly as it should have and we are grateful for the successful outcome."

Malcolm McLean
Lakemount Farms



"I've had the pleasure of dealing with Rick and Dan from Burglar Stop for several years now. They've always installed user friendly custom designed security systems to fit my family's living and working needs.

I particularly value the perimeter cameras Rick recommended they install around my home. They add a whole new dimension to my home's security. Burglar Stop takes special care and attention when installing each and every one of their security systems. Their attention to every little detail is as impressive as their clean working habits.

Burglar Stop is a progressive alarm company who's always on the cusp of new developments. They make it their business to stay cognizant of the latest developments in Home Security.

They offer the best products on the market today and their warranties are unsurpassed. I would not hesitate to recommend Burglar Stop for all your Home Security needs. They are an experienced company who excels in professionalism from start to finish."

Frank Fourchalk
Owner of White Rock Lock and Key
National Home Security Columnist
B.C. Government License Locksmith and Security Consultant


"I recently had a break in at my Burglar Stop protected home in Burnaby. I came home to hear my alarm sounding, and walked in as the burglars were entering my home through the back window. The motion detector I had installed from Burglar Stop triggered the alarm siren. Upon hearing the alarm siren, the burglars dropped my belongings they had collected and ran out of the house immediately. If it weren’t for the alarm system in my home, they may have made off with a number of my possessions, not to mention the physical danger I, or my wife, would have faced had the burglars not been deterred by my security system. I would recommend that EVERYONE have a Burglar Stop security system installed in their home."

Don Burnaby



"I had a burglar alarm set up on March 20, 2012. I phoned the office and the salesperson came out to my home and discussed with me my options for a new alarm system. There was an alarm in my house that I had never used. It was old (1995), so I wanted to update my old alarm to something brand new.

I wanted to let you know that the salesperson and the technician who did the work for me could not have been more courteous and professional. The technician was very neat, tidy and efficient in his work.

It’s a really neat system, easy to work. I am enjoying the piece of mind I didn’t know I was missing."

Carole T. Surrey

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